Common Garage Door Issues

We recommend calling a professional to repair garage door springs or other serious issues. However, there are some common garage door problems that are perfectly safe for the DIY approach. Of course, if you have any questions about your garage door, don’t hesitate to call!

It worked fine yesterday but now my garage door won’t go down

If your garage door doesn’t go down, either partway or completely, the first thing to check is your safety sensors.

The garage door safety sensors stop the door from lowering if there’s an obstruction. Each door has two sensors, one on either side, near the garage floor. The most common issue is that an item stored in your garage somehow blocked one of these sensors. Look for anything obstructing the line of site between them.

If there’s no obstruction, make sure the sensors have power. This is typically indicated by a solid red light. If all else fails, check the alignment. The sensors should point directly toward each other. If you’re sure the safety sensors are fine, call Independent Garage Door Repair for a free estimate.

My garage remote stopped working

Just like your TV remote control, a dead battery is the most common reason your garage remote stops working. We always recommend taking the battery with you; that way you know you’re getting the right size.

If you’ve replaced the battery and the remote still won’t work, it may be time to replace the remote. Again, it’s a good idea to bring the current remote to the store. In addition, make a note of the brand. If this still doesn’t solve your problem, you may need to replace the entire garage door opener. Call us and we’ll give you a free quote.

My garage door goes down but then back up immediately

If your safety sensors are fine, the problem is likely the garage door travel down limits. The manual for your garage door opener should include instructions for adjusting this. You can also call Independent for a service call.

Opening the garage door when the power is out

Your garage door opener should have an emergency cord. Pull it straight down to disengage the opener and operate the door manually. Once the power is back on, pull the safety cord down again and press open/close button (on the wall, not your remote). Call us if that doesn’t work.

Some Things Are Not a DIY Job

Unless you have the right experience and/or training, changing garage door springs is not a DIY project, especially the torsion springs. Most hardware stores won’t even sell these springs to the average homeowner, because the risk of injury is pretty high.

Even if you don’t choose Independent Garage Door Repair, we highly recommend you call a garage service professional to handle this job.

The garage door makes a lot of noise when it opens or closes

Your garage door should be relatively quiet. Excessive noise indicates that your garage door is overdue for service. If your immediate goal is getting a quieter garage door, lubricate all the moving parts, starting with the chain above the door. But it’s probably time to schedule your annual service call.

How Much Does a New Garage Door Opener Cost?

Every garage door is different, so we can’t provide an exact cost to install a new garage door opener. However, standard units start at around $300 with the cost going up to around $1,000 depending on the type of opener, extra features like remote keypads, and how complex the install is.

How Often Should Your Garage Door be Serviced?

If you have no issues between calls, we recommend having your garage door serviced once a year. This helps prevent serious issues, prolonging the life of your garage door.

Independent‘s annual maintenance includes adjusting spring tension, lubricating everything that moves, and tightening the bolts and screws. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, providing top-quality service at a price you can afford. Every estimate is always free, and we shoot for same-day service whenever possible. Call 602-465-2338 to schedule your garage door service today.